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Here are some useful tips before you move

The following is a list of things you need to do before you move:

  • If you haven't already done so, arrange for a lawyer - your agent can provide you with some names of local firms, if you don't have someone in mind.
  • Book the movers. It's a good idea to obtain estimates from several different companies.
  • Make special arrangements for moving the perishables, such as plants.
  • Make special arrangements for the moving of your pets.

If you OWN your present home:

  • Call the gas, and electric companies and let them know your are moving and arrange to have all the meters read on the appropriate date.
  • If your water heater is rented, arrange for the transfer of the rental agreement to the new owners.
  • Instruct your heating oil supplier to fill the tank on appropriate date.
  • Advise the telephone and cable television company of your move and have the discount their services on the appropriate date.
  • Advise all your present service companies of your new address so final billings may be directed to you.

If you RENT your present home:

  • Give necessary written notice to your landlord, and make arrangements for the return of any money you may have on deposit.

At your new home:

  • Make arrangements with the gas and electric utilities, telephone and cable TV to be connected on the day the sale closes.


  • Obtain "Change of Address" cards from the post office and send out well in advance
  • Have the post office forward mail to your new address
  • Inform gardening, dry-cleaning, newspapers, magazines, diaper and other home services.
  • Arrange for services at your new address.
  • Transfer trust or bank accounts and securities. Obtain a letter of introduction from your current bank to help establish new accounts.
  • Inform all creditors (Visa, Master Card, etc.) of your new address and the date it becomes effective (Don't forget pre-authorized payments)
  • Cancel or transfer social, athletic, civic, religious or business affiliations and memberships
  • Garage Sale - consider having on to dispose of unwanted clothes and furnishing
  • Collect all items out of cleaning, repair or storage
  • Safely dispose of all flammable liquids as it is illegal for movers to carry them.
  • Driver's Licenses - change of address effective the day of move
  • Arrange with your lawyer access to the keys of your new home
  • Obtain a supply of boxes for moving and devise a colour code system for the various room designations
  • Leave a note in the house with your address for the new occupants so they can forward your mail
  • Important to note have your move complete by closing which can take place between 9:00 am to 6:00 pm I recommend you have your move arranged so you're finished your final cleaning by mid day.

Having a plan to complete Fall Maintenance for your home will save big bucks and headaches down the road!

The past few winters we have had extreme weather. Bricks absorb moisture in damp cool weather and freeze in extreme cold damaging brick which is costly to repair. Here are a few tips to save you from $1,000’s of dollars in repairs to your home and possible deal breakers when selling your home!

  • Inspect roof and chimney for cracks and damage.Tuck point any cracks in mortor joints and chimney caps to prevent significant damage and possible collapse.
  • Hire a chimney sweep to clean your chimney
  • If not already installed, purchase chimney caps to prevent pests and debris from entering the home
  • Inspect your homes brick work and tuck point any cracks
  • Fill cracks and reseal your driveway to prevent frost damage
  • Remove hoses from and turn off shut off valves to spigots. Drain and store indoors, coiled and flat.
  • Drain power washers to protect them from freezing in your garage
  • Check and repair damaged caulking around windows and doors fix damaged weather stripping
  • Service your Furnace and change the filter several times through the winter.
  • Clean eavestrough and downspouts and make sure they run water away from the foundation to avoid leaks.
  • Repair walk ways and patio’s that don’t slope away from the foundation due to settlement
  • Check perimeter grading to make sure landscaping slopes away from your foundation
  • Prune trees to prevent any damage that might be caused from ice storms
  • Aerate and over seed damaged lawns in early fall using mulch and rye seed.
  • Test snow blower and have it professionally serviced if necessary.

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